Enjoy an Exquisite Holiday in North Colombia in the Midst of Nature

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North Colombia is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has become a world renowned tourist attraction in the world. The natural beauty of this region is simply breath-taking and if you are planning for a holiday that takes you close to nature’s beauty then you need to visit northern Colombia for sure. The number of tourist attractions that this region has runs a long list and you to start off your journey by visiting the Tayrona National Park that provides a keen insight in the natural and cultural diversity of this region.

Your next destination in north Colombia should be Cartagena de Indias. It is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia and has numerous colonial buildings, forts and walled buildings. In Cartagena you need to visit the famous Walled City. This city is like a living museum with its colonial style buildings. The city is surrounded by walls which were done to provide this city protection from natural disasters and pirates. The beautiful colonial style churches, buildings and plazas will take you into a time travelling experience. The Gethsemane is the most popular neighbourhood inside this Walled City and a visit to this neighbourhood is a must.

Founded in the year 1525, Santa Marta is the oldest city in north Colombia. This city was founded by Rodrigo de Bastidas, the Spanish conqueror. The location of this city makes it an ideal holiday destination because on one side you will be able to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and on the other side you will be able to find the Santa Marta Mountains. Among the different beaches that surround this city, the El Rodadero beach is quite famous. The colonial architecture and the museums in the city provide a peek into the history of this region.

For those who love hiking, North Colombia provides great opportunities as well. Ciudad Perdida or the famous Lost City offers you not only a trekking & walking opportunity but it also provides the historical evidence of early civilizations of this region. The city of Ciudad Perdida was founded somewhere near the 800 AD which was nearly half a century before the civilization of Machu Picchu was established. The beautiful mountaintop terrace formation of this city has its own mystery and charm that you need to experience for yourself. At present this lost city is one of the major tourist attractions of north Colombia and the only way in which you can access this mysterious city is through hiking only.

Coffee warehouse and coffee plantation is another tourist attraction of north Colombia and tourists from all over the world come here to see these plantations and the methods of classifying different types of coffee. The Eco-friendly bungalows offer the tourists a new and innovative mode of accommodation. The Tayrona National Park is famous for these eco-friendly homes and tourists prefer to stay in the cute and beautiful traditional bungalows to enjoy the natural beauty of north Colombia. Over the years, this region has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.