Best Markets to Try in London

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For many people who are into shopping, the appeal of heading to London is to visit places such as Oxford Street, where an abundance of well know retailers have set up shop. However, there are other people who are looking for a more unique retail experience than the usual High Street shops, and these are the people that will probably love mooching around the various markets that take place in London.

Many of the markets that take place here boast a rich history and have been running for long periods of time, so they not only offer the chance to make purchases but also to enjoy some of London’s rich heritage. If you are visiting London and want to be able to combine your tour and exploration with some good old fashioned retail therapy, a visit to a few of these markets is an excellent idea.

Choose from a range of great markets

If you are keen to visit some of the excellent markets that are held in London, you certainly won’t be short on choice. There are some great markets to choose from, each of which offers its own unique charm and character. Some of the markets you can visit during your time in the city include:

Brick Lane Market: When you visit Brick Lane Market you will find yourself with access to a wide variety of products, from food and furniture stalls to vintage and jewellery ones. This is a very ethnically diverse area, which helps to add to the experience and atmosphere. You can even take some time out to try and curry at one of the many Indian restaurants that you will find along Brick Lane.


Covent Garden Market: Covent Garden Market offers a pleasant retail experience for those who attend, with a variety of different stores and goods for sale depending on the day you visit. You can find crafts, antiques, clothing, gifts, and other items at this market along with a great atmosphere created by the diverse crowds of people that come here.

Camden Market: This is a market that is made up of several different smaller markets dotted round the Camden area. This includes the markets at Camden Lock, Stables market, and Inverness Street market amongst others. You can enjoy a diverse and fun shopping experience when you visit these markets in Camden along with the opportunity to mingle with people from all sorts of backgrounds as you soak up the atmosphere.

Portobello Road Market: One of the most famous London markets, Portobello Road Market is one that provides a fabulous and memorable experience, as it is teaming with visitors and offers access to a huge array of product, from vintage clothing and antiques through to high fashion and more. This is a really busy market with a huge number of vendors, so you can look forward to a really unique and exciting experience.


Spitalfields Market: If you want to make the most of your trip to Spitalfields Market, it is a good idea to come here on a Sunday. This is when the market becomes really busy and you will find a range of designers offering everything from handmade clothing to arts and crafts. Thursday is another good day to visit, as this is when you will be able to browse vintage fashion and antiques on the market.


No matter which of these markets you visit, you can look forward to a unique shopping experience and the chance to mingle with others in the bustling markets of London.